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Welcome to LR Fitness! I’m Linda, the face behind this amazing company. The others who help me along the way are my two gorgeous children, Harry and Ava, my hubby Martyn and family dog Indie.

I love exercise! Fitness is my passion and it makes me super happy mentally and physically. I believe movement is one of the best ways to stay fit and healthy from the inside out. I love teaching women and helping them to reap the health and fitness benefits from exercise.

Are you ready to start your fitness journey? Let’s do it!


LR Fitness offers a variety of classes to suit your specific needs. From Indoor and Outdoor classes for those who would like to bring their children along, Virtual Sessions for those who cannot commit to class times and prefer an on demand workout, or if you want to push yourself, why not try our Bootcamp and Personal Training Sessions.

LR Fit Mums

45 minute indoor circuit class designed to improve fitness levels, build strength and feel fabulous! These classes are suitable for babies and toddlers to come along with you who can watch, play in the play zone or just eat snacks and nap whilst you exercise and have fun. Got no children with you? No problem, all women welcome.

LR Fit Bootcamp / Evening Circuits

This is for those ladies wishing to take their fitness to the next level! If you are a mum you must be at least 10 months postpartum to take part in these sessions. LRFit Bootcamp/Evening Circuits is a 45 minute circuit session that will really push your fitness to the NEXT level!!
Increasing your cardio and strength fitness through resistance and cardio Hiit training whilst adding in fun games along the way.


One to one or small group training (max 4 ladies). Providing specific training for your own personal fitness goals. These are a great way to really focus on yourself and your specific fitness journey, with on hand advice and support throughout. These sessions are set in my own private garden.

LR Fit Bumps

Starting in 2022! Exercise classes designed to not only keep you fit and healthy at each stage of pregnancy, but also help prepare you for birth, labour and motherhood. A 45 min virtual class taught through Zoom and Facebook Live involving circuit based exercises for the whole body, including core and pelvic floor strengthening. Available for pregnant women from 14 weeks gestation until birth. Zoom links available for you to do as many times you like and at a time that suits you.


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